RoofFoam three pound spray foam insulation forms a self-flashing, monolithic membrane, perfect for new construction or retrofit projects.

  • PF-273
    Three pound spray foam for roofs and cold storage tanks (Fire Rating: UL-790 Class A).
    Blowing Agent – 245fa Enovate

Miscellaneous Applications

  • CF-200
    Liquid pour system: Low density, rigid polyurethane foam for cavity fill.
    Blowing Agent – 245fa Enovate
  • PF-240
    Adhesive: Slow reactivity foam for adhesion for insulation board and felt-backed single ply to various substrates.

Applications: Barges, Tanks, & Removable Blankets
Design, Fabrication, and Installation

The simple beauty of removable insulating blankets is the concept of “once and done.” Once the blankets are fabricated, they can be removed, reapplied, and reused. This is in sharp contrast to traditional rigid insulation, which tends to deteriorate if subjected to the continual application and removal common to equipment that needs frequent maintenance. For example, maintenance involved in packing valves requires removing insulation at least annually. The rigid board insulation typically used tends to break apart when removed. So, new insulation needs to be applied during each maintenance cycle, adding to costs and extending downtime

Energy Savings
Despite rising energy costs, and the obvious benefits of insulation in controlling energy usage, some maintenance managers opt to leave problem areas un insulated. This is often the case with irregular surfaces, environments where water, oil, or other liquids tend to drip and degrade traditional insulation products, equipment that is hard to access, or in places where frequent maintenance is required.

Removable insulation blankets can be fabricated to fit any surface or equipment configuration. Special fabrics can be incorporated to resist leaking liquids, and removable blankets are ideal for situations requiring continual removal and reapplication. These capabilities offer the opportunity to achieve dramatic savings in energy costs when removable’s are applied to previously un insulated equipment.

Here’s an example of the savings one plant achieved by covering previously un insulated valves with removable insulating blankets. In less than six months, the plant’s energy cost savings covered the original cost of fabricating and installing the removable blankets.

Using a formula developed by the Department of Energy, the energy and dollar savings of covering 12 un insulated valves was determined as follows:

  • A 600 F operating temperature and a 6-inch valve size were used to determine that 8,270 BTU per hour would be saved by installing removable insulation covers on the valves.
  • The annual energy savings, based on an assumed continuous operation at 80 percent efficiency at a fuel price of $8 per million BTU, are calculated as follows:
  • Annual Fuel Savings
    8,270 Btu per hour x 8,760 hours x 0.80 = 58 MMBtu….
    Annual Dollar Savings
    58 MMBtu x $8/MMBtu = $464 per 6-inch gate valve…
    Estimated Payback Period
    Removable blankets at an installed cost of approximately $200 each equals 5.2-month return on investment.
  • Multiply the savings by the number of valves to be covered. In this plant, there were 12 un insulated valves; so the annual energy savings would be just about $5,568. Through an initial investment of $2,400 for the blankets, this plant realized a net savings of more than $3,168 the first year, and then $5,568 per year thereafter—a substantial addition to the bottom line.

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